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Deluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest Deluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest

Deluxe Quick Draw Tactical Vest. Camo.You get an incredible 12 pouches and a pistol holster on the front of the vest. You get 2 large zipper pouches internal. You get lashing strap loops located on the back of the vest and lots of adjustable sizing. You are going to love the versatility of this vest!

Our Price: $72.99
In the world in which we live you never know what situation may arise. Especially if your job requires you to step into harms way. Tactical Apparel is a step in the right direction of staying safe even if someone is staring you down. When you gear up with our Tactical Apparel it may turn the tide in your favor. Our Tactical Apparel will help you and those you care about, be a little more at ease when can fight without fear. Go home safe today! Get Tactical Apparel!